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On watercolors and palettes



Can I make my own 9 color palette?

Sure. Just choose the 9 individual half pans and I'll add the case at no extra cost.




I would like a color that is no longer in stock. When will it be available again?

Our productions are not systematically re-stocked because we work with ingredients that are sometimes in limited availability. You can of course contact us to check the particular situation of the color you are looking for.





How are the watercolors created at Maison Banane?

Maison Banane has created a vegan binder that is used in all our colors. The binder is hand mixed with our exclusive blends of extra-fine pigments until complete homogeneity. The watercolor is dried in half-pans made of bio-sourced PLA plastic produced by 3D printing in Paris.





Where are the Maison Banane watercolors made?

All the production of the watercolors takes place in a workshop in Paris. The bio-sourced plastic half-pans are also made in Paris, by our supplier.





What type of pigments are chosen at Maison Banane?

Only extra fine quality artistic pigments are used in the production of the handmade watercolours.





Are the watercolors prepared from pure pigments or is it a mixture of pigments?

Maison Banane makes its creations from mixtures of pigments.





Are Maison Banane watercolors vegan?

Yes, all Maison Banane watercolors are prepared with a vegan binder without any animal sourced ingredients. The pigments used by us come from synthesis or mineral extraction. We do not use animal products.




Are Maison Banane watercolors natural?

The term “natural” can be misleading because it can mean different things. That's why I prefer vegan, because I don't use ingredients of animal origin in the production.





Are there any additives in the composition of Maison Banane watercolors?

Apart from the technical ingredients, the only agent present in the binder is a plant-based preservative that prevents moulding.




What is lightfasting?

Lightfasting is a measure of the fragility of color upon exposure to light. Maison Banane exclusively uses high quality pigments with excellent lightfastness. We have also developed a procedure to measure this criterion in our mixtures. You can find this information in the description of each color in the color chart.




Are Maison Banane watercolors suitable for children?

Our watercolors have been developed for an adult audience. Extra fine pigments are chemicals with varying levels of toxicity. Watercolors are completely safe for use in painting, possible skin contact while working or cleaning items, but they should not be ingested.




How do I store my watercolors?

Just let them dry before storing them :)

On the packaging



How are Maison Banane watercolors packaged?

The half-pan palettes are packaged in a recyclable FSC-certified cardboard case made in the EU.

The packages are prepared in extra slim boxes made of FSC certified recyclable cardboard made in the EU. The 80% recycled & recyclable kraft paper cushioning is used to protect the pallets.

The individual half-pans are inserted into envelopes padded with recyclable FSC certified kraft paper also made in the EU.




Does Maison Banane use plastic?

For now, the only plastic we use is the bio-sourced PLA of the half pans.

I thought a lot about options to avoid plastic. I've found options for displays and delivery packaging but for now I've made the decision to keep the plastic half pans as that's a standard size and I imagine it's still a interesting choice for people who want to store their colors in standard metallic palettes. I'm still on the lookout for plastic-free watercolor alternatives.




Why Maison Banane offers PLA half pans? They look less beautiful / less smooth than those of other brands.

You are absolutely right, my half pans are less beautiful than those made by injection. They are also more expensive by the way. So why am I making this choice? Quite simply because I have the ambition to do an activity with the least possible negative impact on the planet. The PLA half pans are made in Paris, with a raw material that does not use fossil resources, unlike the injection half pans which are all smooth but made in China with a plastic source from petroleum. So even if they are a little less beautiful, 3D printing is the most responsible choice.



What is bio-sourced plastic? the PLA ? Is it compostable?

Bio-sourced plastic is a resin made from a complex sugar extracted from corn. No fossil resources are therefore used in its development, which represents an advantage over conventional plastics. Another interesting characteristic of PLA is that it is biodegradable but beware, only under industrial conditions and not in home compost.




What can I do with the empty half pans?

I have thought a lot about setting up a standard recovery system but for the moment, it remains difficult to find a truly optimized solution for all possible scenarios. If you're wondering about yours, I invite you to contact me and we'll see if we can find a relevant way to recover them for reuse.



About delivery



Can I pick up my watercolors on site?

We love this question! Yes, if you are in Paris or in IDF, we can arrange. Contact me and we will see together the best solution.




I made several orders. Can I receive them all together?

It depends on the delivery status of each package. Do not hesitate to contact me and we will see the options together.




Can I receive my package faster?

I try to organize myself to manage deliveries as efficiently as possible, but don't hesitate to contact me if you ever have a specific need. We can see together if there is a more suitable option.




I made a mistake in the delivery address. Can I change it?

It depends on the delivery status of your package. If the package has not left yet, we can make the change. If it is already in transit, we will no longer be able to fix it.







How long does delivery take for France? and for the rest of the European Union?

Normally, delivery in France takes between 3 and 5 working days. For the rest of the EU, deliveries take between 7 and 14 working days.




Is delivery outside the European Union available?

For the moment, we only deliver in France and in the European Union. We are looking for solutions to expand our scope.





How much is shipping ?

In France, the cost per parcel is 6€

For the rest of the European Union, the cost is 11€.




How do I track my package?

A purchase confirmation email will be sent after the order is validated. Then, when the package is delivered, another email will be sent with the tracking number. This number allows the tracking of the package online.



Exchange and refund policy



My order is damaged, what can I do?

I am sorry to learn this. But don't panic, contact me with your problem and we will find a solution together.




Does Maison Banane accept returns?

If you have changed your mind and would like to return your product, there is no problem. We accept returns within 14 days of receipt in its original pack and without use. Shipping costs are your responsibility. You will be refunded after receipt and verification of the products in our workshop.






Does Maison Banane have a supplier policy?

Yes ! We are proud to have a clear policy regarding the selection of suppliers at Maison Banane. Basically, our selection criteria are: proximity (France or EU), fair trade, no plastic (except for half pans for now). We also try to choose small producers because we believe that a different way of doing business is possible.





Is there an Ambassador or Collab program?

Yes ! Contact me if you would like us to work together and we will see if there's a match :D




Can I copy the illustrations or designs from the palettes?

Maison Banane's goal is to inspire, so I find it normal to find people who do their version of my drawings. However, my drawings and concepts are part of my work so any use should be properly referenced. And to quote a great illustrator that I adore (Maggie Luck, @maggieluckdraws if you ever read us, hello I love your job), “don't do anything SINISTER”, the source of inspiration is only for use personal and not commercial.



If you haven't found the answer to your question, contact me here 👇