À propos de nous

Maison Banane is the journey started by Carolina and her cat, Juana Banana.

I handcraft watercolors, I doodle and create some chaos in Paris for quite a long time now. Juani takes the chaos part to another level. Always.


My name is Carolina, I am from Argentina and I've been living in Paris for almost 10 years. I draw all the time ever since I am a little child, but I have followed a scientific education as a biochemist. I know, that's a strange choice.


I was born in the '80, and thus I know very well the tension of the generation that pivots between following the traditional path, and breaking all of that to create their own playground.

I am absolutely fascinated by lot of stuff: I love illustration, music, handcrafts. And when it is something that breaks the status quo, even better.