The Product

Maison Banane handcrafts watercolor palettes, which are:



         Exclusive color mixes in conceptual palettes

         Handmade in small batches in Paris


No Compromise

         Vegan binder, all vegetal ingredients

         Professional quality, extra fine pigments in high concentration. No additives, only colors



         Half pans 3D printed in Paris, from PLA, a bio-plastic obtained from vegetal sources

         Packaging in FSC paper and cardboard, all elements produced in EU

These are my commitments and they are non-negotiable 


I've been painting with watercolors for some years now. What I love about watercolors is their anarchy. We can control them until a point, but beyond that they are completely free. This leaves plenty of space for spontaneity, which I really like. Things happen, you get lost, and then you find yourself again on that exploration.


During my journey, I quickly confirmed that industrial offer remains quite classic.


This is how I learned that it was possible to make your own watercolors by the traditional method: handcrafted watercolors, yay! But the excitement disappeared quite quickly when I learned also that most of the binder recipes (both industrial and handmade) have honey. I cannot accept that in the XX century we still need to bother bees for a product non intended for dietary purposes. I just cannot. I was convinced that a vegan recipe, without honey or any other animal sourced ingredient, should be possible while keeping the good quality and technical features needed. After MANY prototypes, I finally found my recipe for the vegan watercolors. This is how Maison Banane was born.